DJ Khaled feat. Pusha T & Jadakiss Good Man

DJ Khaled feat. Pusha T & Jadakiss – Good Man

[Pusha T:]
[DJ Khaled:]
We The Best Music
DJ Khaled

[Pusha T:]
Please, Khaled, don’t pair me or compare me
Unless the said party is a rare breed
The stories I hear, they tend to mirror me
At this point now, rap is only therapy
President Push, I’m more Eric B
I ain’t no joke, check out my melody
Felony, felony, felony, that’s al they selling me
But 2 million in large bills is billing me
I was on the wrong side of the law
Like Pac was on the wrong side of the car
Like B.I.G. at the Soul Train Awards
The moral is all grace been driven
G wagons are bulletproof
The ones before me got snatched like bullet tooth
Tony nigga, only one left from the drug era
The jewelry weighs more in the drug mirror

Yeah, what you see when you look in the mirror, nigga? Haha
Yeah, I know who the fuck I am

Yuugh, tell me how you fit in
Was you a street nigga when Nas said it’s written
When Reasonable Doubt dropped, how was you living?
I was leading up the grinding in my kitchen
Getting work from Detroit like a piston
We was on a mission, stuffer than a Michelin
I could spend a year reminiscing
The length of your career, reminiscing
We can’t occupy the same space
We ain’t even running the same race
When it come to these bitches, it ain’t the same chase
Moynat versus lean, we ain’t the same taste
Therefore, it’s no comparison
To be mentioned with you niggas is embarrassing
I am one Joe blow, you know my narrative
Clear your sinus like Claritin

When you look in the mirror, what do you see, nigga?
‘Cause I know when I look in the mirror, I know what I see
You peasants don’t deserve my presence

You portraying other individuals
Me, I’m just weighing my residuals
From where success is the bare minimal
You a rapper, I’m a criminal
I had money before they found y’all
That’s why I feel funny around y’all
Lord, bless those praying for my downfall
If I get too deep, don’t let me drown, y’all
Hearing ‘em talking ‘bout how to flip a key
Started moving that Daddy Kane and Nicky D
Had the whole YPD sick of me
Don’t sit, if you get tired, just pick a knee
Bet it all or bet it large
Now the coke or the pills or the crack, all these credit cards
I just laughed and I shrug at it
‘Cause the niggas with the money are the drug addicts