Armin van Buuren prezinta THIS IS ME

A State of Trance, Muzică

„It’s time to tell you my whole story. All of it.”

Dupa doua saptamani de teasing a venit si momentul in care Armin van Buuren a dezvaluit toate detaliile acestei campanii.

„THIS IS ME” este un eveniment „one time only”, genul de experienta pe care si noi am trait-o impreuna in vara acestui an la UNTOLD, cand olandezul a prezentat un world-exclusive show.
In cele doua zile, Armin va marca fiecare moment din cariera lui de 25 de ani de DJ si producator: de la aparitiile in mainstage-ul festivalurilor EDM, A State of Trance, Armin Only, Radio Hits; toate aceste momente vor fi grupate in acest show unic.

„Every day, you wake up a little more.
That’s what my mother always says. Every day you learn something new. You learn to see and think a little better, become a little more at peace with yourself, you find your place in life.

The same goes for making music, of course. Every song I make teaches me something new. In the past, I used to struggle finding a healthy balance between work – making music, touring – and personal life. More and more, though, I’ve learned to focus on the journey of creation itself, on satisfaction rather than recognition. I’ve learned that work is only worth it if it also makes you grow as a person.” – ARMIN VAN BUUREN

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