Kungs feat. Ephemerals I Feel So Bad

I Feel So Bad” este realizată de DJ-ul francez Kungs, în colaborare cu Ephemerals. Piesa a fost lansată în format digital în Franța pe 19 octombrie 2016, ajungând pe locul 3 în topurile din această țară.

Versuri Kungs feat. Ephemerals – I Feel So Bad

I feel so bad
That I might have led you wrong
But when I met you, I was so in love
I didn’t think that I could be strong, but, but
Things just started slipping
Thought they’d go back to how they were
Should’ve been honest sooner
Before things got so much worse

You made us change
Way back when we were fine
Way back when I
I loved ya
You couldn’t tame your mind I,
I loved you for who you were
Not for that girl that you thought you could be
Now I can’t believe
This is happening to me

Oh’tryin’a bring me closer
But you’re not pushing me away
Baby I won’t love you any better
If you continue to make us change